Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are Committed to driving growth that leads to better living for more people in more places. Through brands and experiences that bring people together. Through our dedication to distribute beauty products and other types of consumer goods. And through our commitment to helping individual’s, retailers, entrepreneurs and communities grow.

We are building a company to last. Not just for a decade. But for the next 100 years. Through our brands and our investment in communities, we will bring more people together, making our company an integral part of our consumers’ lives for generations to come.

A very important aspect in the field of supply chain management is the distribution of goods. At Trade Adge Ltd we ensure that customers goods are delivered on time through our Logistic team.

Our philosophy on product safety and the actions we take, to ensure we protect our consumers and the communities we serve. We ensure our customers with an all year supply availability.

Private labeling services are available to customers who intend to have their own personalized prints on cartons or packaging.

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