Belotero® Hydro is formulated to treat the face, hands, neck, and décolletage to restore deep rehydration.

How does Belotero Hydro work?

Belotero Hydro provides the skin with an intense hydration boost, combatting all dryness deep within the skin’s dermal layers. The face, hands, neck, and décolletage are left looking smooth, soft, and younger.

Dehydrated skin starts to develop wrinkles; Belotero Hydro restores hydration through hyaluronic acid. The gel is administered using a fine needle.

Ingredients & Concentration:

  • Hyaluronic Acid 18mg / 1ml
  • Aiguille 30G

What is the recommended treatment length?

2 – 3 treatments every 30 days are recommended during the treatment phases. The gap between treatments allows for rehydration to stabilize itself. Following this, you should carry maintenance between 1-2 times every year.

Are there any associated side effects?

Some swelling and redness may occur, as well as itchiness and pain. Tenderness at the site of injection is common too. Side effects usually disappear after a few days.

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