To increase metabolism and enhanced physiological function, skin repair, anti-aging, combat fatigue, and enhance sexual desire, and so there are special effects.

Switzerland Heel compound placenta is rich in the high-purity compound of the essence of nutrition, including the main component of proteins, hormones, lecithin, polysaccharides, amino acids, and so on, the essence for the nucleic acid; activated cell nucleic acid is an essential element, the human liver can inhibit Nucleic acid synthesis, to supply the necessary nutrients the body, but when people become older, it will lower the liver function of nucleic acid synthesis at this time will have to add nucleic acid. If the degradation of cell nucleic acid directly, it is possible to play their due functions and speed up their metabolism, activation play a role. Switzerland Heel compound of the placenta-body cell division and proliferation of high stimulating effect of aging on the body of a comprehensive adjustment to restore the young’s effectiveness. Be able to significantly raise the level of metabolism and enhance immunity so that the body has characteristics of the young. There are special effects to increase metabolism and enhanced physiological function, skin repair, anti-aging, combat fatigue, and enhance sexual desire.


– improve the endocrine system. – improve immunity and resistance. – speed up the formation of collagen. – role in the promotion of wound healing. – anti-allergy effect. – role in promoting blood circulation. – energetic, improve sexual function. – Since the autonomic nervous system regulation, to improve sleep. – regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid effect. – promote liver cell regeneration, improve the function of detoxification.

Treatment effect:

The first course of treatment: Look as follows: shiny face, ruddy skin moist to start, water, to enhance skin elasticity, to play down the initial mark, and shallow wrinkles.

Physical performance: the elimination of fatigue, and enhance the physical, energetic, loss of appetite, sleep and improve the depth of sleep, increased sexual function.

2nd course: Look as follows: radiant skin texture improved, mainly skin gloss, water, a significant increase in the degree of flexibility, to reduce pores, the disappearance of a black eye, the beginning of pigment calm, deep facial wrinkles shallow, and gradually filled, small wrinkles disappear, Brandan stain to the disappearance of some of the senile plaques may disappear, hair regeneration, glossy black big leg to reduce the fat, abdominal fat body shape change to reduce the United States and hip fat reduction, increased chest, Feng Yun physical remodeling

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