Regenerates cells, tissues, and organs. Increases flexibility in joints and discs. Improves immune system against diseases. Improves alertness and mental awareness. Lightens facial pigmentation. Reduces facial pores and gives a glow to your skin.

Revitalizes your cells for anti-aging and stay young.

Recent scientific research has shown human placenta contains rich growth factors, hormones, proteins, glycosaminoglycans, nucleic acids, polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRNs), antibodies, and other concentrated nutrients that can rejuvenate organic tissue. It is rich in over 128 growth factors, including HGF, NGF, EGF, FGF, CFS, IGF-1, TGF, IL1, IL2, IL3, and IL4. Mitogenic actions of cytokines from the placenta show an array of physiological effects – anti-inflammatory, regulation of autonomous nerve system, improvement of circulation, wound tissue healing, inhibition of protease, enhancement of nerve regeneration, balancing multiple hormone levels, immune-boosting (anti-allergic), analgesic effect and the improvement of the intestinal environment. Placenta HP is a safe therapeutic agent with potent regenerating activities on all human tissue. When introduced into humans (internally), it can reinforce deteriorating cells and hence bring back or restore their youth.


MFIII of Switzerland HP 230mg contains highly concentrated Placenta prepared using a patented high-tech extraction technology utilizing ultra-filtration. Extraction is a common pharmaceutical technology used to isolate peptides, proteins, enzymes or cytokines, growth factors, hormones, and other essential substances for aging or ill organisms. The extraction and processing of tissue are done without denaturing heat sterilization nor any chemical additives.


MFIII of Switzerland HP 230mg, with its active and specific components (peptides, proteins, enzymes, cytokines, hormones, growth factors, and others), works as a substitute for aging and ill people whose cellular regeneration process has deteriorated. This substitution may lead to restoration or regeneration and revitalization.

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