Stimulates your cells for younger-looking you with plant placenta extractions

MFIII Vegetal Placenta Injectibles are manufactured according to a unique process, using state-of-the-art molecular fractionation technology. The process is performed at a controlled temperature with sophisticated ultrafiltration units to allow for selecting specific molecules and ensuring the maintenance of their potency. The manufacturing steps are performed by the current provisions for Swiss Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensuring a very high-quality product.

MFIII Vegetal Placenta Injectibles

The closely guarded Swiss MFIII Vegetal Placenta extraction method via ‘Cold Processing’ and the special manufacturing process maintains the Vegetal Placenta’s bio activeness, unlike traditional or conventional methods.

The traditional method used in Asia required constant drying, grounding into powdered form, and risked collecting heavy metals, while modern conventional methods of lyophilization with the application of strong vacuum suction pressure to squeeze water content damages the cell membrane of the placenta. Furthermore, pasteurization or sterilization methods with heat up to 125 C cause changes to the molecules’ structure and dramatically reduce the efficacy of the placentas.

MFIII VP Injectibles maintain the highest bio activeness levels and has the following key features: (See below for further explanation).

Supports Healthy MMP (see below for details) activity that enhances skin cells and proteins’ metabolic activity, thus effectively reducing wrinkles, sagging, and decreasing scar tissue.

Lightening or toning effects on skin pigmentation. This is made possible due to the existence of Glutathione (GSH) found in MFIII VP Injectibles.

It boosts your immune system and metabolism and helps detoxification, a natural property of GSH, giving you a healthier, more beautiful, and firm body. These provide amazing skin rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits. In an internal physiological scientific study conducted on human volunteers, the cellular turn-over was measured by the DHA method or the disappearance of the skin’s artificial color allowing the measurement of exfoliation and coenocytes turn-over. After using the product diluted at 50% for 11 days, the cellular turn-over had been increased by a minimum of 26%.

MFIII VP Injectibles come in sets of 10 vials (ampoules), 4 ml each, and can be directly applied on the skin (particularly the face and neck area) or preferably injected intramuscularly or intravenously (one vial daily).

MFIII VP Injectibles is a composition that will work as anti-MMPs, consolidating the extracellular matrix (ECM) and amino acids that are used to produce new proteins such as collagen in the particular way the skin is structured.

To Take MFIII Vegetal Placenta Injectibles,

you should inject the Gluteal (buttock) area with a thin needle. There is NO overdosage, so that you can use any dosage without any risk. There are three ways to take MFIII Vegetal Placenta.

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