Sesderma Psorises Mist


For Dermatitis


Its technology mobilizing through nanosomes makes active ingredients penetrate on a deeper level, and these are released gradually, increasing its effect on the skin. Helps in the localized treatment of psoriasis: in folds, scalp, inverted or mucosal.

Psoriasis easy application spray of light texture and quick absorption. Thanks to its moisturizing and emollient capacity, it can help treat the common forms of psoriasis. Contains liposomal assets as moisturizers, emollients, soothing and immunomodulatory activity (lactoferrin).

Key Ingredients:
Lactoferrin-lactoperoxidase system, glycyrrhetinic acid, chlorhexidine, zinc chloride, Tetrahidrocurcuminoide, Aloe vera, ginger extract, and phosphatidylcholine

size : 125ml

Spray at a distance of about 5-10 cm of the skin or on the hand and massage on the areas to be treated. As a precaution, apply the spray 1 time every other day when there are outbreaks. During outbreaks, it is recommended to apply twice a day directly on the lesions.

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