VISCODERM® 0.8/1.6/2.0


VISCODERM® is a medical product for intradermal use. Contains highly purified natural Hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight similar to endogenous Hyaluronic acid. There is a wide range of applications and can be used with different therapies and anti-aging treatments. The product is available in sterile, ready-to-use 1 ml prefilled glass syringes in three different concentrations.

• 0.8% (8 mg/ml) indicated fragile, delicate skin areas and prevention and maintenance treatments.
• 1.6% (16 mg/ml) -indicated for bio-revitalization treatments of face, neck, décolleté, hands, and larger body areas for prevention, restructuring, and maintenance.
• 2.0% (20 mg/ml) indicated restructuring treatments of the mid to deep dermis, thick skin areas, and obtaining a long-term filler effect in some wrinkle types.

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