VISCODERM® Cover Up is a fluid, sterile and multifunctional foundation specifically created to correct skin dyschromia while relieving pain and hiding redness caused by dermoesthetic treatments (e.g., revitalizing, fillers, laser, and peeling).

The sterility of VISCODERM CoverUp allows you to use this foundation with total safety even on flawed skin, as in the case immediately after dermoesthetic treatments. Thanks to the innovative airless bottle, which closes after every dose (preventing retro-contamination), the product’s sterility is guaranteed for the entire use of the product.

Contains: Arnica Montana, Hyaluronic acid, SH Oligopeptide-1

ARNICA MONTANA – A natural extract known since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antiecchymotic properties.

HYALURONIC ACID – With a low molecular weight (150-600 kDa): The formation of a complex between HA and methylsilanetriol increases the resistance to the hyaluronidase enzymatic degradation and the diffusion in the skin, improving hydration of the dermis and increasing the formation of glycosaminoglycans, useful components for tone and resistance.

SH OLIGOPEPTIDE-1 – Peptide that mimics the Epidermal Growth Factor’s action results particularly active on the dermis, determining the increase in the number of active stem cells, the thickness of the dermis, and cell renewal.

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